Amuna Concept

“AMUNA” carries the concept of providing a holistic and authentic Sri Lankan Traditional Herbal experience to ensure a relaxed and unforgettable healthy holiday. Ayurvedic traditional medicine is a major part of Sri Lankan culture.

The history of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka ranges back nearly 3,000 sustained by kings who were also skilled physicians. The methods and organization of this practice was well advanced, and the mountain Mihintale holds the ruins of what is widely believed to be the world’s first hospital. Ayurvedic physicians were revered by royal patronage and a well-known Sri Lankan saying tells us: “If you cannot be a king, become a healer.”

The five senses are the gateways to how we experience life – and it is important that they all work in harmony for us to live our most pure life. All aspects of our lives affect health and disease – from nutrition, career, our mental frame of mind, to the relationships we have with family and those around us. When one area falters or is weak – we as a whole, and all areas begin to suffer. The mind ties this all together, and reacts to situations based on the information and experiences gathered by the senses. A clear and calm frame of mind will allow us to deal with any problems – mental, spiritual, or physical to the best of our abilities.

Ayurveda is a holistic path that looks at all aspects of one’s life. Not only will your body received healing, but your mind and soul will also be rejuvenated. It is through creating a balance with the healing of all components that Ayurveda offers a treatment path unlike any other.

“AMUNA” is well equipped and all therapies are conducted by experienced therapists under the supervision of professional Ayurvedic Physicians. We offer many different types of Traditional ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka and therapies (“karma”) along with yoga meditation, and a strict in-house diet coupled with rest and relaxation. You will discover your own personal sanctuary at AMUNA.

Literal Meaning of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic healing science, which comprises of two words, Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science. The literal meaning of the word Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with the treatment of some diseases but is a complete way of life.

Ayurveda is a holistic path

It looks at the whole of one’s life. Health and disease are by-products of all aspects of one’s life: nutrition, career, mental frame, family and social activities and spiritual life.

If one area is weakened, all areas begin to suffer.

The five senses are the gateways that bring in these influences; what one sees, hears, smells, touches, tastes, affect all areas of health and life. The mind also plays a major role in how we act and react to the information and experiences gathered from the senses. When the mind is calm and clear, one handles a situation much better. The same situations, the same people or stresses exist at all times. However deals with these situations will differ depending upon one’s mental frame of mind.

Amuna Ayurveda village

Amuna Ayurveda village is ideally designed with using the Wattle and Cadjan roofing according to the traditional village concept. The surrounding area boasts only Nature, tropical forest garden with the calm water cause, stream in front of this particular Ayurveda center, complements the guests the value of the nature and make it a point to feel the importance of the ‘Ayurveda ‘ to absorb their Living styles.

The ‘Pooja’ will be offered to the Lord Buddha and Patron Deity ‘Sri Dhanvanthari’ to invoke the Blessings to the retreat and the guests to obtain the best results. Amuna consist with Ten Ayurveda Treatment Rooms, Two separate rooms to offer the ‘Shirodhara’ Treatments, Two steam Rooms and ‘Four separate rooms to obtain the Herbal Bath facility for the guests. Also, a special rejuvanation Treatment unit for the guest to obtain the ‘Ayurveda Herbal treatments’ and also it consist with the outdoor Bath and Shower to give the best feeling.

Amuna Ayurveda Village also consist a separate Lobby at the Ayurveda Village which is mainly arrange to the procedure of Welcome the Residents to the Ayurveda Village by applying a special medicinal powder for wishing them a good healthy life and to obtain the best Treatments to improve their healthiness at the Amuna Ayurveda and Spa.

Each resident will be having a separate consultation with the Resident Doctor and separate prescription will be written for each guests. Then the Ayurveda Treatments, medicines if necessary and even his diet plan will be designed according to the Doctors prescription. The Resident Doctor will be in supervision for all the day to day process in this retreat.

The other specialty of the ‘Amuna Ayurveda’ is the Traditional Herbal Oil preparation Room which had been created for the process of preparing the Natural Herbal Oil within the house which will be using for the guests treatments.

Herbal Garden-Organic

Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka is panoplies with its own Herbal garden with a range of Herbal medicines which are most useful for the medicine preparations and the Herbal garden serves as a center of excellence to some of the most talented Ayurveda Doctors in Sri Lanka. Herbs for our various medicinal compositions are sourced from very own Herbal Garden.

The importance of having own Herbal garden, that the resident could obtain the freshly prepared medicines.The Herbal Steam Bath The Herbs will be plucked and the steam will be prepared at the time of the Treatment to offer the fresh and Best results to the guests and the herbs will be absorbed through the skin to the body and helps to remove the toxins of the body through sweat, which will be helpful to refresh the entire body system and has a good impact on organs refreshes blood circulation helps to in breathing problem, activates the Mind & release stress.