Ayubowan! Welcome to Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in traditional and ancient ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka that will revitalize your mind, body and soul. Embark on your wellness journey with traditional Ayurvedic treatments from ancient Sri Lanka at Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka.

The Retreat

Benefits Which Can Be Obtained From Ayurveda Treatment in Sri Lanka

  • Cure nervous disorders
  • Prevention of aging process
  • Correction and improvement of eyesight
  • Nourishment of the tissues
  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Correct sleep disturbances
  • Corrects stress / strain
  • Correction of joint and bone disorders
  • Improvement of digestive tract functions
  • Enhance beauty and complexion
  • Cure various diseases


Ayurveda Packages at Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka

Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka has organized some of the best ayurveda packages (Ayurvedic – detox programs) to maintain the digestive system in a state of balance and harmony. Includes Panchakarma Treatments for Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Yoga & Meditation, Acupuncture Treatments, Weight Loss, Slimming Programmes, Anti-Ageing and other traditional treatments.

An awe-inspiring sunset view


Organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables
right from our garden

According to Ayurveda, the diet of an individual plays an important complementary role. Each guest will be prescribed a diet consistent with the physician’s diagnosis and the recommended ayurveda treatment.

Eco-friendly material

Built with eco-friendly materials, the lodging facilities are designed to merge elegantly with the vibes of Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka, and are properly ventilated to allow natural air flow.

Professional Sri Lankan Ayurveda Doctors

Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka is well-equipped and all therapies are conducted by experienced therapists under the supervision of professional Ayurvedic Doctors in Sri Lanka.

Medicine made within our premises with fresh ingredients

Medicines such as Kashay (Herbal decoctions) and herbal oils are prepared according to high quality standards with fresh and natural ingredients using authentic and traditional ayurveda preparative methods at the premises itself and done solely by village folk.

Preserving our cultural heritage

Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka strongly revolves around the traditional Sri Lankan culture and has made sure to include various programs to better educate its guests.

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