At the spa of Amuna Ayurveda Retreat, you will find peace and tranquility throughout the ayurveda treatments that follow the principles of ancient Ayurveda. Amuna Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka is surrounded by all the beauties of nature creating an ideal environment for improving the energy centers of the mind and body combined with its effective ayurveda therapies. It offers you a chance to enhance your well-being while visiting the island’s stunning destinations. Prepare to feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed after your holiday with us in this charming island while visiting glorious destinations such as the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Golden Cave temple of Dambulla and also experiencing fantastic wildlife.

  • Free Consultation
  • Individual Diagnosis
  • Ayurveda Treatments
  • Free Internal Medication
  • External Treatments
  • Panchakarma Treatments
  • Sambahana
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Facial Treatments
  • Herbal Body Wraps
  • Udwartana
  • Pindasweda
  • Steam Treatments
  • Herbal Baths
  • Ksheeradhara treatment
  • “Amuna” special treatment
    • Acupuncture treatments
    • Meditation
    • Music therapy
    • Aroma Therapy
    • Special Ayurvedic Diet

Book online directly for the best rates on all-inclusive packages

Book directly online for the best rates on all-inclusive packages Check In: 2.00 PM Check Out: 12.00 PM

FREE Oral Treatments-+

Herbal Decoction
Fruit Juice
Herbal Tea

Abyanga (Sambahana)


Avagaahasweda (Herbal  bath)

Foot Reflexology

Herbal Preparation

MukhaLepana (Facial treatment)

Shirodhara (methodical flow of medicated liquids on head)