Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka not only help to provide an overall sense of well-being, it also helps tackle specific problems. The major benefit of the Rakitha ayurveda treatment in the SUWASHANTHI program is to prolong lifespan, strengthen sense organs, improve memory, obtain perfect health, youthfulness and increase physical endurance.

Free Consultation, Individual Diagnosis & Planning of Treatment

  • Free Consultation
  • Individual Diagnosis and Planning of Treatment
    • 02 Sambahana
    • 03 Abyanga
    • 01 Shirodhara
    • 01 Pinda Sweda
    • 05 Avagaha Sweda
    • 01 Vashpa Sweda
    • 02 Shiro Abyanga/Pada Abyanga
    • 01 Vakthra Therapy
    • 01 Reflexology

Morning “DHARANA” Yoga, Evening Meditation

Book online directly for the best rates on all-inclusive packages

Book directly online for the best rates on all-inclusive packages Check In: 2.00 PM Check Out: 12.00 PM

FREE Oral Treatments-+
  • Herbal Decoction
  • Fruit Juice
  • Herbal Tea
  • Single 275 USD
  • Double 420 USD

*For Dwelling/net per night /per room

All packages include accommodation with meals and a combination of Ayurvedic treatments along with internal medication in accordance with the body constitution and treatments.


Treatment and Diet plan (therapeutic diet) for all these packages can be finalized only after consultation with our Ayurvedic doctors and life style prescriptions are also done by Ayurvedic doctors under his close supervision.